26 October 2010

Missed opportunity?

All city centre car parks will be open but spectators are advised to use public transport where possible. No park and ride services will be running but Citybus and First Devon and Cornwall will be operating more buses and larger buses on all major routes.
Plymouth City Council announces the Fireworks on 5th November

More than 150 lights will illuminate Smeaton’s Tower, the Citadel walls, Hoe gardens and monuments on Friday 5 November, making them stand out dramatically against the night sky.
The countdown to the pyrotechnic action will get underway at 6pm with entertainment from Heart Radio, who will be entertaining the crowd from their show stage on the Hoe promenade.

Plymouth City Council

Its just a shame that no extra buses are being laid on the Park and Ride especially as there are so few buses on most routes in the evenings now.

Red Rain

Image by .Timbo (Creative Commons)

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