18 September 2010

Up the road

News from 'up the road':
HUNDREDS of passengers and staff were evacuated after a threat to blow up Exeter Bus Station.
The decision to evacuate was taken by Stagecoach bosses after a handwritten message was discovered yesterday morning on a wall of the toilets in Blackboy Road, warning that a bomb would go off at 4.06pm that day, giving details of its specific location.
Prompted by fears of a repeat of the 2008 bomb attack at the Giraffe Restaurant in Exeter, Richard Stevens, operations director for Stagecoach, ordered a fire drill just before 12.30pm so his team could carry out a search of the premises.
All the drivers and passengers were moved off the concourse and operations continued from Bampfylde Street as workmen emptied bins and checked premises before the all-clear was given to re-open.
This is Exeter
There does seem to be some disagreement on the police involvement with Stagecoach saying they were pretty much left to get on with it. Lets just be thankful that it turned out to be a hoax.

Finally dont forget today is the Kingsbridge Bus Running day. The weather looks good - its going to be a good one. If you know me - and see me - say hello! While I am taking about Kingsbridge - visit the 207KTA blog (link below) for an insider view on owning an older bus. Highly recommended blog.
Western National 420 270KTA
270KTA at the 2008 running day.
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