18 September 2010

A grand day out

In one of those nice coincidences that happen from time to time I had just sat down at my computer to check emails and there was the usual half a dozen or so from Jos Van Hemert which included a couple of shots for L401VCV - the very bus I had been riding on yesterday afternoon at the Kingsbridge bus running day. Had a very enjoyable run up to Modbury and back with my son.
The weather was perfect for this kind of event which helped make the day really enjoyable. I didn't take that many photos and only had two rides this year as we made it a family outing with me and Zak on the buses while Jane took her brand new inflatable canoe out on the estuary. I know which one I preferred to ride on!
Ended the day with one of the best pub chilli con carne’s I had ever tasted at the pub by the bus station. All in all a great day out.
I will post a few photos during the week once I get chance to download them.
As always a big thank you to all the organisers and drivers who work so hard to make it such a great event.
Western National Dennis Dart 401 L401VCV - Ply., Breton Side BS - 09-09-1994
©Jos Van Hemert: 9 September 1994 Bretonside Bus Station Plymouth.

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