19 August 2010


CCTV once again comes to the rescue of a bus driver in this news story from Cornwall...

A BUS company boss has defended the driver of a double-decker bus who ran over a mother duck and one of her nine babies on a Newquay road.

rubber duck

Managing director of Western Greyhound Mark Howarth was saddened to learn about the deaths, but said the driver acted within the law. He spoke out after an animal-lover criticised the lack of punishment given to a bus driver involved in the incident last Tuesday morning.

Anne-Marie Bradshaw told of her horror at witnessing an explosion of feathers as the mother duck disappeared beneath the wheels of the double-decker


She said Western Greyhound's decision not to punish the driver was ridiculous. "The driver had plenty of time to move out the way, but chose to drive over some of them instead. "I was shocked. My family and friends are shocked. Yet Western Greyhound decides not to punish. It's ridiculous.

Mr Howarth said they had investigated the incident and concluded that the driver could not have avoided striking the ducks.

He said: "The law states that bus drivers must ensure the comfort and safety of passengers is not compromised. "We have closed circuit television at the front and rear of our buses and could see it was raining, which made the road slippery, and the ducks just ran out in front of the bus. "We do not feel the driver has done anything wrong as passenger safety is our main concern." This is Cornwall

I particularly like the first tongue in cheek (I hope!) comment on this story which I feel sums everything up nicely

The action of the Bus Driver was wrong,the poor mother and her ducklings,he should have swerved to miss them,the fact that the bus may have overturned,or hit a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction,possibly killing several people is not important,the ducks would have been saved.

Someone has also helpfully provided a recipe for duck!
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