14 August 2010

Not so (pennycome)Quick Citybus

PLYMOUTH Citybus has been forced to delay returning to a controversially scrapped route after a Government body stepped in.
Elderly passengers in the Pennycomequick area hit out at the firm for slashing the 45/A service last month, saying they would feel "imprisoned" without the vital link. Bosses reacted by agreeing to re-route the 46/47 service from September 5, taking away its Mainstone link in exchange for putting buses back into Stuart Road and Wilton Street but their decision has now been halted by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (Vosa), which oversees bus services.
Vosa expressed concerns about Citybus withdrawing from Mainstone, despite the area also being served by the Number 15 service. Citybus managing director Andrew Wickham said: "Plymouth City Council did support the change, but Vosa did not want the change to happen at less than eight weeks' notice, as it includes removing 46/47 from Mainstone. "We understand Vosa's concern over a section of bus route being withdrawn at less than eight weeks' notice, and have therefore put the planned date back two weeks." From September 20, the 46/47 service will also be restored in Peter's Park Lane, Kings Tamerton. Because the route is now longer than before, bosses were forced to make changes elsewhere and chose Mainstone due to its alternative service. Passengers who complained of the 45/A being scrapped in Paradise Road will be left with the option of two stops in nearby Fore Street and Devonport Road from the same date. Full story This is PlymouthVOSA blocks Citybus move

Archive copy of the article
I must admit I expected trouble regarding the withdrawal of the bus from Mainstone but not from this source! As long as First keep going on the 15 then at least Mainstone do have a service still. They have of course already lost their evening and Sunday services on the 46/47 and will loose the Sunday service on the 15 in a couple of weeks time. I am sure they wont be the only area of Plymouth with that problem...
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  1. I recently sent an E mail to Citybus to enquire what future Evening services had in Plymouth, this was a week ago and no response...do you think they are hiding something.

    I have to say FDC reply within 24 hours...so perhaps Go Ahead/Citybus could learn from First on customer service!!!

    Also well done First with your citycentre scheme, I dont see anything from Citybus again!!1 Perhaps First could introduce more city routes again if the citycentre workers signing up to the scheme vwarrant it, after all Citybus are excluded!!!

  2. Not the only i have had the same before go ahead took over citybus replied in 55 mins but since the take i sent an email about step entrance dart being scrapped the have never replied it october now


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