27 July 2010

There will be fireworks – and not just in Mainstone

Having a bit of a catch up of news items from the last few days:
Andrew Wickham, managing director of the firm, now owned by transport giant Go-Ahead, told The Herald the 46/47 would be re-routed from September 5 to serve the stops once more. However, that means sacrificing the service's Mainstone link, he said, as the operator bids to overhaul its least popular routes.
Wendy Kendall, who helped organise a petition against the 45/A withdrawal, welcomed the decision but said residents would still be left in the lurch until September 5. The 59-year-old said: "What are we supposed to do in the meantime? "We're fearful about how to live without these services. "There are a large number of elderly and disabled people here, and they rely on them. They're a lifeline." Myrtle Mathys, 82, added: "It's going to be isolation for a lot of people until September. We will keep pushing Go-Ahead until then."
Mr Wickham said the 46/47 service would also be restored in Peter's Park Lane, Kings Tamerton, following similar concerns from passengers. Residents in Mainstone would still be able to catch the alternative number 15 service, he added, while those in Paradise Road would be left with the options of two stops in nearby Fore Street and Devonport Road.This is Plymouth
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This gives a clue as to the changes due in September. It remains to be seen how the passengers of Mainstone react. I guess a lot depends on how long First stick around with the 15.

Additional evening services will operate at 15 minute intervals from the George, Milehouse and Coypool Park and Ride sites on both dates. Return journeys from Royal Parade will recommence once the Fireworks have finished. Fares will be as follows and apply to both adults and children for return and single journeys:
PR1 The George £2.50
PR1 Milehouse £2.50
PR2 Coypool £2.50
Holders of a Concessionary Bus Pass who present their pass may travel for free (pass must be presented on both journeys). Return tickets issued on PR1 and PR2 earlier in the day may also be used for return travel on these services. Please note: as Plymouth Argyle are playing at home on Tuesday 10 August parking facilities at Milehouse will not be available - however PR1 buses will still serve the stop on Outland Road.
Timetable PDF or

Transport of Delight: heathrow loses out


  1. could this be a bit of a route sharing deal with FDC ?? First pull out of Southway (17) and Go Ahead remove their services in Mainstone, giving them room to develop their already poular UGOBUS 15. Go Ahead have all but pulled their Saltash route only operating every half hour now compared to First UGOBUS 1/1a 10 minute frequency, how long until Citybus pull out of Saltash altogether??? First pull out of ernesettle (13) in return ???

  2. the talk at the first depot is still that we are up for sale, everythings dwindling away where will we be in 6 months or a years time???

  3. Who would buy it though, it would need to be one of the large groups I would imagine. Surely though if you were about to sell you build the business up not cut back to increase sale price ???? I for one hope FDC stay and put up more of a fight in Plymouth????


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