26 July 2010

Bobbies Bus

I make no apologies for featuring K105SFJ again today as I promised Bobby that he would be in Plymothian Transit today as the proud part owner of K105SFJ! As you can see the bus has not changed that much since my photo back in 2006. It is planned to get the bus back into the livery carried when new with the black band above the windows. plymouth Citybus 105 K105SFJ (PCTPG) plymouth Citybus 105 K105SFJ (PCTPG)

It was good to finally catch up with many of the PCTPG (Plymouth City transport Preservation Group) and to hear about some of their future plans. You will be hearing a lot more about them over the coming months with some interesting projects in the pipeline.
I will be posting more photos from the bus rally on Sunday over the coming week. It was a classic rally again with fantastic weather which was welcome after last years yet rally. Well done to all the organisers for another great day.

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