01 July 2010

Tavistock Junction

I never did see a train pass over this level crossing myself, so I am more than happy to find this video of loco 09101 at Tavistock Junction 13 May 2008. Its quite old and YouTube often compress the life out of videos but i think its still worth seeing, if you like me have never witnessed this. (I have seen trains on this stretch, but always just missed them crossing the roads!

Video by staceyt13 - For more click here

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Twitter / Facebook 30 June 2010
CITYBUS: Due to RTC in Embankment Road all inbound and outbound services are currently being diverted This is likely to be for some time
CITYBUS: RTC on Embankment Rd now clear, thankyou for your patience. We are endeavouring to recover our running times and operate as per diversion.

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