30 June 2010

Merely noted

A £19,000 report into the controversial sell-off of Plymouth Citybus has left city councillors still in the dark.
The council sold its 100 per cent shareholding in the bus company to Go-Ahead, a national transport company, after months of top-secret negotiations last year. The sale attracted fierce opposition from Labour councillors and MPs, who stood shoulder to shoulder with union protesters. Now the city council has been criticised by its auditors, Grant Thornton, for being too cautious over information it released during the negotiations. In a report which cost the council £19,388, Grant Thornton says: "The council should consider whether it was too cautious over some of the information excluded."
Barrie Morris from Grant Thornton told the audit committee yesterday: "The project was very complex and done over a tight timescale. Citybus was put up for sale in June 2009, and officers dealt with ten initial inquiries. That was whittled down to five companies which were invited to bid. Eventually Go-Ahead emerged as the winner, and the sell-off was approved by the full council in November last year. The council set aside up to £946,000 to pay for the sell-off process. In the end it spent just over £670,000, a saving of £294,445. Committee chairman Peter Berrow and Mr Evans agreed to hold a meeting to discuss what lessons should be learned from the Citybus sale. In the meantime, the committee merely 'noted' the auditor's report.
This is Plymouth
The only comment I would make over this report which seems to be saying very little of any use to anyone is that I cant see how anyone thinks this is a good way of spending over £19000?
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