20 July 2010

Targeted withdrawals

It does not seem a good time to be a bus passenger in Plymouth with yet more cutbacks appearing on the horizon
This time its Target Travel who have registered a few route cancellations:

PH0006742/19 - Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Plymouth, Plympton St Maurice and Plymouth, Derriford Hospital given service number 52A effective from 13-Sep-2010.

PH0006742/33 - Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Royal Parade, Plymouth and Derriford given service number 14 effective from 13-Sep-2010.

PH0006742/34 - Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Royal Parade, Plymouth and Elburton given service number 18 effective from 13-Sep-2010.
Full details of the current routes and their recent histories can be found on my Extra site:

Route 14
Route 18
Route 52A

It is early days and there may be more to these cancellations than meets the eye at the moment but if these are proper cancellations then expect a few angry passengers to get quite vocal - on the 52A at least!

Uncle Terry: 159 Looks a bit dark in there
Omnibuses: Strain

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