21 July 2010

Less Risk?

More cancellations posted on the VOSA site yesterday by Target Travel:
PH0006742/32 - Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Royal Parade, Plymouth and Hooe given service number 7D effective from 13-Sep-2010.
PH0006742/35 - Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Royal Parade, Plymouth and Chaddlewood given service number 19/19A effective from 13-Sep-2010.
PH0006742/37 - Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Royal Parade, Plymouth and Derriford Hospital given service number 10/10A effective from 13-Sep-2010.
PH0006742/38 - Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Bretonside Bus Station, Plymouth and Noss Mayo, Plymouth given service number 94 effective from 13-Sep-2010.
Now if these are genuine cancellations then it represents a massive cutback for Target Travel which seems unlikely. One possible explanation that has come up is that Target Travel may be switching to a different operators licence. All of these cancellations are under the licence of Robert Risk but there is also an operator licence for Dealtop (Plymouth) Ltd and it may be that the bus fleet is being transferred across to Dealtop rather than Robert Risk.
If this is the case then I would expect to see details appear on VOSA over the next few days. Watch this space!
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