26 June 2010

Progress halted

I'm still here even if this isnt...
PCT Leyland National 66 - Ply., Exeter St - 07-1977

© Jos van Hemert, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. PCT Leyland National 66 - Ply., Exeter St - 07-1977

This scene has been completely transformed since this photo was taken. The bus itself has long gone from Plymouth, and indeed has long departed to the big bus depot in the sky. The ugly car park in the back ground is now a smart (although some say ugly) shopping mall. Even the concrete lamppost to the right and the old style bus stop flags have been updated over the years. We now have much better bus stop shelters although we also have annoying bollards along the pavement to discourage cars from parking on the pavement.
Another transformation: This year I have been able to replace my camera with a much better model and have been able to take much clearer photos and even videos. I have also replaced my extremely slow PC with a brand new super wizzy PC which when it works is brilliant. Sadly this purchase has not had the best of starts as it had to be returned to mesh for them to sort out. The good news is that it is now back having had faulty RAM replaced. The bad news is that it still does not seem in good health and has crashed several time so I have a feeling I wont be seeing the back of the old machine just yet...
Unless it does settle down quickly there may be more gaps in coverage over the next week or so.

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