24 June 2010

Citybus still coming down my hill

As the road works in Prince Rock have not caused as much delay as expected we have decided to leave the service 50 operating through Keswick Crescent for a six month trial during which time we hope to see major improvements to the parking situation around the crescent Thank you for the feedback

You may have seen this message in the 'Twitter/ Facebook' section of yesterdays post. It reverts the 50 back to its previous route through Keswick Crescent. If you look at the bottom of the This is Plymouth page on the changes you can get a small taste of the anger at loosing the service into Keswick so well done to Citybus for responding so quickly.
Andrew Wickham, managing director of Citybus, said the company had reviewed the effect of the Gdynia Way roadwork's and decided that the service was not as adversely affected as had been feared. He said Citybus was also talking to the city council about parking on Keswick Crescent, which had caused problems for buses in the past, and was hoping to also engage with the community on this issue.This is Plymouth

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