10 May 2010

Video Ride on First Volvo B7RLE

Quick ride on the 12

I have finally been able to try out the video on the new camera and I have to say I am very impressed especially as i can quickly run it through Windows Movie Maker and then send it straight to Flickr or You Tube. One day when things have settled a bit I will have a go at something a bit more ambitious, but for now here is a quick ride on a Volvo B7RLE with First. I was sitting on the Viaduct for a few seconds and then running at a fair speed up towards Cattedown Roundabout on very poor surfaced roads. I must admit I was surprised at how rattly it sounds as I don't recall it being that bad on the bus!
I hope that the embedding works after all this!

Uncle Terry
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TGP - the other Terry!
Few drops of Dew
In the garden
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