09 May 2010

Sunday best: JNU138N

Proper bus to Tavistock

Western National 1083 (JNU 138N) ©Ian Kirby
Bristol VRT/ECW, Plymouth Bretonside Bus Station, 15th November 1996
New to East Midland, subsequently with Bristol O.C., Badgerline and Durbins.

I am pretty sure this one ran in Badgerline yellow and green livery for a while, back in the days when Western national ran a very colourful fleet with many buses arriving here from elsewhere within the Badgerline empire. This was one of the better western National liveries and it was a shame when they lost the flags.
More of Ians photos can be found on his Flickr account
Uncle Terry
086 In a bit of a hole
087 Setting off
TGP - the other Terry!
Cheese Feast
PollingA polling station with a difference

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