17 May 2010

Plymouth Citybus 23 changes its clothes

 Its no longer a wrap 

The use of advertising wraps all over the windows is not one of my favourite examples of bus companies utilising their buses to full economic effect. They may in some circumstances look good from the outside but can be dreadful for those passengers sitting inside who surely should be the most important people to please. When it is wet it can be really dull inside and almost impossible to see out of. That said I have always quite liked these Recycle Plymouth buses which at least managed to pull of the looking good from the outside bit, something which all to often is not achieved. Well it appears that the promotion may be coming to an end as this bus (number 23) at least has now lost the wrap and is back in standard livery, and looking rather smart with it. I do hope to get a photo soon, but for now make do with a reminder of this bus looking at its best in the green wrap... Plymouth Citybus 023 R123OFJ
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There may be gaps in blog coverage again as I am still having major issues with the new PC and will almost certainly be sending it back shortly. I do still have the old machine to fall back on so hopefully any gap will be a short one but at the moment I am so fed up with the new PC crashing all the time it kind of takes the fun out of things.

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