06 May 2010

Cattedown Tidied

A bit of a tidy up at Cattedown

Another couple of photos from the  Cattedown walkabout showing just how much has changed over the last few years... General view of the terminal site 27-end-off-the-line The train tanks have long gone and there has been quite a bit of tidying up going on.
Uncle Terry
084: Pooh Corner 083: Sign on
TGP - the other Terry!
New power of the Web
Transport Illustrated
Somerset Coast

05 May 2010
CITYBUS: Alexandra Road will open to traffic on Friday 7th May Traffic will be under two way temporary traffic lights whilst the gas main replacement continues along Alexandra Road so some delays may occur All Plymouth Citybus services currently on diversion will return to normal route from Friday morning Thank you to our loyal cutomers who have been badly inconvenienced by these essential road works for sticking with us

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