24 April 2010

Shearings Backsides

The backsides of Shearings: 2004 to 2010

Its a shame to see the Wallace Arnold name slowly disappear, even if its just reduced to WA. That said the blue livery carried by the latest coaches is very smart and the new Setra coaches seem to be very impressive machines. Its nice to see back windows reappearing as well! Shearings Backsides (by didbygraham)
Uncle Terry
071: Going round the block
072: Red carpets are so yesterday
TGP - the other Terry!
Dads Daily - Roller Bearings
War of the worlds: great action shot!
Not insignificant: Arriva + DB
Spy in the cab: Driving standards
New seats: Its a quiet day!
Rally Focus MUO328F: Nice set of photos
Transport of Delight
Ich Bin Ein Sunderlander: More on Arriva with a nice round up of what Arriva own.

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22-23 April

Nothing for this area!
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22-23 April
13:02 At 13:30 today all our services will be observing a one minute silence to celebrate the life of Ian Allen. Thank you for cooperation

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