19 April 2010

Now and Then: Derriford Bus Stops

Derriford bus stop improvements

Now: April 2010 Things have definitely improved for bus passengers at Derriford Hospital over the last few years. New shelters with (finally) working Real time displays are welcome additions along with the very recent new bus lane which so far has made a big difference. Stands 1 2 3 (by didbygraham) The new bus stop flags are a lot clearer concentrating ob areas served rather than route numbers which is a much better idea when several bus route actually use two different bus stops as they head off in opposite directions... Derriford Bus Stop (by didbygraham) Then: June 2007 Although the old (small) bus stop shelter is out of shot to the left, you can see the state of the bus stop flag. It was leaning like this for ages! The display of which buses stopped where was also very untidy and not at all clear.
First 32759 WA54OLN (by didbygraham)
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18 April
10:42 PLYMOUTH: lower fares in Ernesettle on ugobus 13 from today.It's now just £2.40 return & £1.60 single! For more info

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18 April
11:03 All services running normally on this nice sunny day in Plymouth.
13:18 The service 35 due to leave Royal Parade @ 1325 will be running approx 15 minutes late. Sorry for any delay
13:28 Good news the 1325 service 35 will now be leaving Royal Parade only in 5 minutes.

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