09 April 2010

Helping the buses get through Derriford

 Derriford’s new bus lane now in full operation 

The new bus lane at Derriford Hospital has now been open a whole week and certainly seems to have made a big difference so far. It is early days though, and of course the schools are off so traffic is lighter but the new lane should help the buses get through Derriford a lot quicker than before. I had a look around last Friday afternoon but have only just got round to sorting through the photos...
The new bus lane meets up with the existing bus lane on the main road. Buses dont have to stop at the roundabout at all (apart from those turning right)
Bus Lane
Looking back up the hill
Bus Lane
And now we see it with a bus turning left towards Derriford Roundabout.
First 48271 WK02TYF
Another bus demonstrates how much easier it is for buses leaving the hospital site now.
First 40034 S374SUX
All in all its impressive and a welcome improvement to public transport in the area. Will it solve all the traffic issues around Derriford? I doubt it, but it will help.
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08 April
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08 April
06:00 We can confirm that Mutley Plain is open to all traffic and we can once again serve every bus stop Thank you for your patience and support

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