17 January 2010

Sunday Best: Western National C491HCV

 First generation Mercedes “Bread van” at Bretonside
Western National 126 C491 HCV (by ewoodeddie1968)
© ewoodweddie1968: Summer 1989. 126 is a PMT bodied Mercedes Benz L608D new in March 1986
Seeing as the Citybus Mercedes mini's are now coming to their end it seems like a good time to look back at the first generation of Mercedes minibuses that were used in Plymouth. Small and cramped compared with the Citybus Renaults they did give a much more comfortable ride, but then the Renaults were incredibly uncomfortable buses so that wasn't difficult. The newer Mercedes 709s employed by both Western National and Citybus were a lot better in just about every respect.

Click on the photo above to go to Ewoodeddies photo stream for more photos. 

Sorry - I have just noticed that today's post didn't go live for some reason - probably put the wrong date in again!

First on Twitter / Facebook 16 Jan 2010
nothing to see here!
Citybus on Twitter / Facebook 16 Jan 2010
09:39 Welcome to the weekend. No problems reported to us so far this morning with all services running. So whether work, shop or leisure, we can get you there. You may want to take an umbrella with you!

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