18 January 2010

Escaped from Plymouth: L258YOD

A little bit of Citybus still working in Glasgow

Dicksons Erskine L258YOD 10-10-09 © Dave Ballantyne (with permission)
Seeing as the Mercedes 709s are now coming to an end for Plymouth Citybus, when Dave Ballantyn posted this photo on one of the Google photo groups it just seemed appropriate to share it here. Former Plymouth Citybus 258 L258YOD seen in Jamaica Street Glasgow, October 2009.

From other photos of Dicksons buses I have seen, it appears the red roof has been retained from the Citybus livery, all others just have the plain white. It does give it a slight touch of class compared with the other I think! (I did say 'slight' touch!)

It did of course look a lot better in Citybus livery: Plymouth Citybus 258 L258YOD from April 2002.
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First on Twitter / Facebook 17 Jan 2010
nothing to see here!
Citybus on Twitter / Facebook 17 Jan 2010
It was a very quiet day in Plymouth!

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