25 January 2010

Incoming Western Greyhound Trident

 Bretonside goes Green! 

There was a very nice surprise in store for me when I popped into Bretonside on Saturday - A nice bright green Dennis Trident! WK51CAL is now Western Greyhound 442
It came to WGL from City of Oxford (Go-Ahead Group) where it was registered R6OXF but was originally Go Northern 3892 NK51UCV and is one of 4 that Western Greyhound have purchased. It seems that they will be regulars on the Plymouth - Callington - Launceston services 576 so we will be seeing them in Plymouth quite often. I must get out for a day trip in the summer! Western Greyhound 442 WK51CAL At first I was a bit annoyed at the bright orange coach next to it, as it prevented me from getting the shot I wanted, but I actually really like the way it has brought out the orange band in the livery.
Western Greyhound 442 WK51CAL Western Greyhound - the new and the old! S30ARJ is perhaps the oldest of the Varios still in service these days.
Bretonside goes Green Bretonside probably hasn't seen this much green since Western National NBC days!
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  1. I was having a meal in the Union Rooms with my other half at the time, and was pleasantly surprised to see this go past and down Union Street. Could very well take a trip to Callington on one of these in the summer :)

  2. So it's a Trident? Oooh dear...!

  3. Cohh couple of great photos there Graham, the new camera looks like its working a treat! Thanks for the tip off about the Trident as well. You did a lot better than me with it!


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