25 November 2009

The post Christmas Shopping Trip made easier

Extra Buses for Monday 28th December 2009

You may already have spotted the amendment to the post about Citybus Christmas services a few days ago but we can now give you confirmation of the extra services on 28th December:

Most retail business within Plymouth are treating Monday 28th December 2009 as a normal working day. The Drake Circus shopping Centre and most of the major shops in Plymouth will be open as normal.

It is expected to be the best retail day of the year with Plymouth City Centre being the place to be. Plymouth Citybus recognises this, so new for this year instead of operating the traditional Sunday Service on the 28th December we will be operating a Saturday level of service all day on the 28th December 2009.

Our City Centre Travel Shop located on Exeter Street above the bus station will also be open all day on the 28th December.
P8240685 (by TGPhotos) ©Terry Partridge
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It will be interesting to see what First run on the 28th. We are still waiting to find out what Northern Connect Taxibus services are running over the Christmas period too as they don't normally run on Saturdays. The drivers are still waiting to find out too. This year they cover more areas than last Christmas so they would be missed a lot more!
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  1. Not sure specifically about Plymouth and taxibus/community sort of services, but where I am, the "proper" buses that only run Mon-Fri tend to run the normal weekday service when the others are running Saturday services.

  2. FDC operating a Sunday service on the 28th December

  3. Unfortunately PCB have now gone back to running a SUNDAY service on the 28th December. May be something to do with several of the city centre shops not opening.


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