27 November 2009

Monday goes back to Sunday again


Extra Buses for Monday 28th December 2009 - Oh no there isnt!

Oh dear - it seems that there has been another change to the Christmas services being provided by Plymouth Citybus. The latest versio is as follows:
Thursday 24 December 2009 Normal Service**
Friday 25 December 2009 NO SERVICE
Saturday 26 December 2009 NO SERVICE
Sunday 27 December 2009 Sunday Service
Monday 28 December 2009 Sunday Service
Tuesday 29 December 2009 Saturday Service
Wednesday 30 December 2009 Saturday Service
Thursday 31 December 2009 Saturday Service**
Friday 1 January 2010 NO SERVICE
Saturday 2 January 2010 Normal Service

View full notice (PDF) Not sure why the change back to Sunday service for the 28th but I must admit I was surprised when it was announced. I am sure in the past they have operated special Bank Holiday timetables with extra runs added to the normal Sunday service between 10am and 4pm on selected routes.
I have not seen a notice yet but I believe that First are also running standard Sunday services on the 28th. Northern Connect Taxifast still don't know what they are running!
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