14 October 2009

So far so good

"The real test will come when the special fares end”

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Plymouth Local History
This very rare photo shows a tram at Saltash Passage in 1929 …

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From This is Plymouth
BUS firm First Devon and Cornwall has launched its four new Plymouth services – with help from some of the people whose faces will appear on the vehicles. The company is extending its Ugobus network by running services from the city centre to Chaddlewood, Ernesettle, Mainstone and Southway. The expansion has brought 22 (nearly) new vehicles, and 60 jobs, to Plymouth. Around 40 people have already had their pictures featured on First's Ugobus vehicles, and the idea is being extended to the new vehicles. Another 11 people, plus Plymouth Argyle mascot Pilgrim Pete and Barne Barton bus-catching cat Casper, will find themselves immortalised on an easy-access, low-floored vehicle. And some of those city folk met First managing director Marc Reddy when the vehicles were launched. They included Holly Chilton, Alan Parsons and David Cumbers, from Plymouth's Disabled Bus Users Group, Jordie Davarian-Cross and Emma Jones, children of First employees, and Pilgrim Pete
IMG_0036 (by aecregent)©aecregent One of the Volvo B7RLEs brought in to the Plymouth fleet of First to augment the Ugobus fleet.

I have caught the 15 to Derriford Roundabout for the last couple of days and have seen that passenger numbers are slowly creeping up. A few people who on Monday let the bus go by, caught it to Derriford this morning. The low fares are also being talked about especially for runs into town. The real test will come when the special fares end and normal fares come into play. From my stop to Derriford Hospital is apparerently £1.20 on First, compared with 80p for Citybus, £1 Taxibus and anything from 50p to £1 on Target Travel. With my bus pass its not an issue for me so I will be using the service as a back up for when I miss the Taxibus as it saves me changing buses at Derriford Hospital. The buses are nice though.

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  1. I have used the services 15 and 17 and also the past year or so the service 11 from Peverall to City. I think First are on a winner here. They are so much more reliable than Citybus...much cleaner, nicer buses too and in general friendlier staff. First UGOBUSES win all round for me!!!


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