26 August 2009

Liveries: Target Travel

"Target Travel have always employed a nice white and green livery”

PlymTransit on Twitter
Target Travel have always employed a nice white and green livery on their bus fleet which I always thought was pleasant if nothing special. Then came the arrival of low floor Optare Solos in a bright pink livery for the Northern Connect service. Since then several other Solos have arrived for other routes and all received the same pink livery: Target Travel YJ55YHK (by didbygraham) The recent extra work picked up by Target has seen the need for more Solos with a couple going round in plain white for a while. I am sure I was not the only one who expected them to be painted pink eventually so the emergence of SA02BZR in a white and green livery is a surprise. Target Travel SA02BZR (by didbygraham) Although the main colour is different it does carry over the same design so there is some consistency. I must admit I prefer the white and green version. I also notice that they just call the terminus Derriford thereby avoiding another Derriford Hopsital embarrassment! They are also still promoting their web site on the back of the bus…

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