24 July 2009

Western National 2009

"Its that time of year again”

PlymTransit on Twitter
Big-Wheel-05 (by didbygraham) Its that time of year again!
Just a simple reminder that this weekend sees the Western National 2009 Rally which is also the 80th Anniversary of Western National.
More details on the WNPG site here which also has pictures of the Dennis Trident in Western National livery

Running day on Saturday
Full rally on Sunday.

The weather forecast  for Saturday looks very good whilst Sunday looks like it might be ‘light rain’ but hopefully not too much!
Full photos will follow during the course of next week!

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  1. I turned up today, and was scratching my head wondering where on earth all the buses were, until I found out the full rally is tomorrow! Managed to drop my Nikon D3 while taking a shot of a Lowdekka at Mountbatten.. :( Still works, but doesn't look pretty. Off to Nikon for an expensive repair next week!

    You going to be wearing something loud tomorrow Graham, so all the blog readers can come and say hello?


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