25 July 2009


"You can never take too many pictures of 824KDV”

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First 32716 W716RHT (by didbygraham) Dennis Trident 32716 in Western National 80 livery on display on The Hoe today along with a good selection of buses, many of them giving free rides along several different routes across the city. The weather was brilliant so there were plenty of people out and enjoying the sunshine and the buses. More photos will be posted over the course of the next week or so. Western National LTA813 (by didbygraham) Bristol KSW 994 (LTA813) Always enjoy a ride on this bus although I am glad I don't have to travel every day on a bus with such low headroom upstairs! Western National 824KDV (by didbygraham) Bristol FLF6G 824KDV. You can never take too many pictures of 824KDV. If I could take my pick and own any single bus that was on the Hoe today it would be this one. Western National VDV760 (by didbygraham) Bristol LD VDV760. Another one I managed to ride on today. Actually had to sit downstairs as it was full up.

In reply to Nick’s comment on yesterdays post - I don't do loud colours!
For the record I will be wearing black. Black jeans, Black T-shirt and black jacket and carrying a black shoulder bag. If you do see me, feel free to say hello!

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