09 July 2009

From over there to over here

"I have always preferred this body style ”

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First 42253 P453SCV (by didbygraham) It was way back in February 2008 that First Devon and Cornwall took over Truronian, and since then First have pretty much repainted the whole fleet with just a few left in the old red and silver livery. I wondered at the time how long it would be before any of the Truronian fleet ended up working in Plymouth. Apart from a few coaches and other visitors to The Ride for engineering etc, this is the first one I have seen operating in Plymouth. P453SCV looking very smart in Barbie livery operating on the 7 today. I have always preferred this body style on the low floor Plaxton Pointer, so its nice to see another one around!

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  1. I spotted 42252 P452SCV on Laira Bridge yesterday (Wed 8th), sporting a driver training livery. It turned off into the Ride.

    For the record 42253 was operating on the 180 to Ivybridge this evening, but have seen it on Routes 1, 2, 5 and 7 this week. It was also operating as PR3 (along with other buses, mainly Double Deckers) during the Rod Stewart concert at Home Park last Thursday (2nd) evening.



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