04 June 2009

Omni City Bus

"another new demonstrator ”

dbg Elsewhere...
Numberzz Five

Stainless Steel
Dartmoor Railway
On a clear day
A closer look
Coming to your supermarket

Scania YT09FLK Tomorrow we see another new demonstrator enter service with Plymouth Citybus. Its a Scania Omnicity N230UB and if you want to catch a ride it will be on service 43 on Friday and Saturday and on 21 and 51 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Then she's off to Sheffield.

Scania YT09FLK Scania YT09FLK Scania YT09FLK Scania YT09FLK

All photos © Brian George, with thanks.
Its certainly a smart looking bus, and they do seem popular with a few fleets across the country. The seat arrangement at the rear looks a bit odd though!
I am hoping to get out myself to have a ride on this one so more pics to follow hopefully.  


  1. I don't suppose you know which company it will be going to in Sheffield do you and when it will be arriving?

  2. It has been used in Manchester Airport for two weeks before coming here. Sales person said Sheffield next. No idea which Company


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