03 June 2009

A Million ways to say goodbye

"The city council is to spend nearly £1million on the plan”

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Plymouth Citybus 80 WJ55HLG The city council is to spend nearly £1million on the plan to privatise Citybus – before it even decides whether to sell. The bombshell – revealed in papers to the city’s Cabinet today – appears to contradict claims last week by city finance chief Cllr Ian Bowyer. Today’s Cabinet heard that the early part of the sell-off is divided into three stages costing a total of £942,000. Stage one, costing £499,000 begins on June 30. The council will advertise for interest in acquiring shares and invite bids. In September the council will assess bids, negotiate and invite final bids, at a cost of £144,000. In October the council will spend £303,000 on receiving final bids, negotiating and making recommendations. Only then can any recommendation to go ahead with the sale be put to the Cabinet and the full council. More on This is Plymouth

Looking at this story as it grows you can see the level of anger generated by looking at the comments to each news item. There are one or two people who seem to be in favour but the overwhelming mood is very much against the sale, especially to First. Many people are wondering where this money is coming from - well watch this space!

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