18 May 2009

flaming things


The yard was full of the flaming things

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Western National 57 C672ECV 

Back in the 1980's came the mini-bus boom, the streets of Britain were awash with them. One of the most popular choices with operators was the Mercedes-Benz 608D with van conversion bodies built by such body builders as Dormobile, Reeve Burgess and Alexander, to name but a few. Now the trend has gone back to conventional buses, thank God. Seen here at Penzance garage on the 13th of June 1993 is Western National Mercedes-Benz 608D 57 (C672 ECV) with Reeve-Burgess body. The yard was full of the flaming things, as can be seen in the photo.
© Richard Field. Neath, south Wales - with thanks!

Was going to post more over the weekend - but my son Zak had a silly fall and ended up with a very nasty fractured arm - spent the weekend at Derriford Hospital! He is doing great though so should make a full recovery. This is not helping me get the rest I am supposed to have!!

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