24 April 2009

Western National Atlantean almost new


as a very young bus spotter the VUHs were seen as being a bit special


Lady Wulfrun Flickr
Egypt in Devonport

I am out on Friday evening so was wondering what to post in advance. I then came across this excellent rare shot of a very new Atlantean of Western National which is interesting in so many different ways. The contrast of the square lines of the the Plymouth City Atlantean on the roadway above with the rounder flowing lines of the Alexander body illustrate why as a very young bus spotter the VUHs were seen as being a bit special. It was always a treat to get a ride on one of these. Notice also that Bretonside was still using the ‘saw tooth’ bus stopping arrangements at this time, much more suited for rear loaders!
The 72, to Looe, in '72 by Lady Wulfrun (Flickr Stream)

New to Western Welsh in July 1971, this Alexander bodied Leyland Atlantean, VUH377J, is pictured just 13-months later working for its new owners Western National. Wearing Western National livery, the bus is seen loading in Plymouth Bus Station, prior to making the long journey to Looe in Cornwall. Photo: August 1972. ©Claire Pendrous

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