07 April 2009

Does this make me a terrorist?

"I wonder how long I will be able to take photographs like these”

dbg Elsewhere...
Numberzz 12.5

TGP: South Circular
Oxford and Black Velvet


With the way things are going in this country I wonder how long I will be able to take photographs like these! A selection of Police car and vans taken during March just to give a flavour of what they are driving around Plymouth. This includes an MOD Service Police van and a CCTV van Devon and Cornwall Police WA08COU Devon and Cornwall Police WA56JYC Devon and Cornwall Police WJ55FVC cctv vehicle WG54OBX Devon and Cornwall Police WA03PXW MOD Police HG52XLW

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  1. On the subject of the Police and Photography, this might be an interesting read for you:



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