16 April 2009

Bus Stops get cleverer


another very useful display that would be welcome across the city

TGP chases Beryl

Tom hits the Target

Creative Bus Stops found on the net (Click for larger view)
Creative bus stop

Creative bus stop

Creative bus stop

Creative bus stop

Creative bus stop

Creative bus stop

New bus stop © Terry Partridge

Thanks to Terry I can bring you this picture of a new type of bus stop that has appeared at Admirals Hard. It seems it is now possible to have Real Time info at the smaller bus stops, and not just in the larger shelters. Interestingly it does also illustrate a slight problem in that the reason for the two 34’s within 2 minutes of each other is that they are both heading off in different directions, but both stop at the same stop on this one way loop section of the route. No destination is displayed in this shot although the stop does indicate it should appear in the middle column. As there are not that many places where buses head off in opposite directions this needn't be a big problem.

All in all another very useful display that would be welcome across the city.


I last visited the subject of Bus Stops back on the 10th March when I wrote

“Of course what would be nice is the Real Time display system being installed in the shelter but I am not holding my breath for this. We are still waiting for it to be installed at Derriford in our nice shiny new shelters - the fittings are there - but are boarded up. So all in all its slow progress. But at least it is progress!”

I did get a very useful reply from Steve Bagley from the Sustainable Transport Team which I meant to post at the time, but it got missed and then lost in my unique filing system so never made publication. So here it is now!

Thanks for your item on the new bus stop poles and flags. I thought I would make good use of this opportunity to clarify a couple of things while I'm writing to you.

I'm sorry that it has taken so long to get to Leigham and Estover with the new infrastructure. As you can appreciate, we have over 1200 bus stop flags attached to poles, lighting columns and wooden telegraph poles that are due for replacement. Before this can be completed, I carry out a site inspection of the existing infrastructure with our colleagues from JCDecaux (our installation and maintenance contractor) and representatives from the bus operators.
We ascertain what is needed at each location in the way of display cases (usually size and one for each operator) and how/what we attach the flag and case to.

This can be either a new Trueform Elite post or a lighting column, depending on the individual location and the need to reduce street clutter. I personally prefer installing a new Trueform post as the modular system allows us to attach not only the flags and cases but also little extras like Bus Stop Clearway Order signs and 'Both Direction' roundels, etc. The timetable information that is displayed from the cases is supplied and installed by the bus operators. Unfortunately, the officer who takes care of the Citybus publicity is currently away although I am sure he will prioritise this location upon his return.

With regard to the SMS text information not being displayed in the bus shelter across the road, new backing sheets for the shelter display cases have been produced and amongst other things, display the SMS text code in the 'footer'. Our roadside publicity colleagues at Citybus and First are installing these backing sheets and the missing SMS code will be displayed in due course (the code for the shelter opposite plyjtpa is plyjtpm).

The three JCDecaux bus shelters installed at Derriford Hospital in November last year are all fitted to receive RTPI and I understand the we are still awaiting delivery of the electronic components to go in the shelter roofs before RTPI 'activation' can take place. 

I trust that this information is useful to your readers and please let me know if you require any further clarification on bus stop infrastructure matters in Plymouth.

Kind regards

Steve Bagley
Assistant Public Transport Officer
Sustainable Transport Team
Plymouth City Council

Thanks to Steve for the detailed reply - sorry it has taken so long to get posted!

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