16 March 2009

Where there’s a Way

"Once you give it a name you start to care for it”



TGPs signs of the times

Virgin Trains - Talking to you

National Express -
Anti Anorak?
Continuing my photo selection from last Friday we turn to the smart fleet of M.Way and Sons Ltd. Another fleet that obviously take pride in their vehicles with most of them having 'Select' registrations featuring the company name. Most of the truck in Way's orange livery also carry names. To paraphrase a line in Shrek - Once you give it a name you start to care for it!M Way and Sons CW03WAY Lady Tanya Lady Tanya CN03WAY DAF TRUCKS FTG XF95.480 TRACTOR (ROAD TRACTIVE UNIT) 12600cc M Way and Sons PN04BXK Cathy Jane PN04BXK VOLVO TRACTOR (ROAD TRACTIVE UNIT) 12130cc (24-03-2004) DIESEL M Way and Sons EG06WAY Maid Marian Maid Marian EG06WAY RENAULT TRACTOR (ROAD TRACTIVE UNIT) 10837cc (07-08-2006) DIESEL

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