18 March 2009

What a waste

"I didn't expect to get any Plymouth City Council refuse trucks ”

dbg Elsewhere...
Numberzz 138000

TGP gets a wash

The Tamar Valley Giant Pasty

Omnibuses 2.0 First Conumdrum

I spent an hour at lunchtime at Crownhill taking more photos, another 120 to add to my growing backlog of processing! Still, we continue with the pictures from last Friday with a selection of Skip trucks...
Viridor KM57JWU Viridor Waste smart Volvo FE KM57JWU
SWM Waste Recycling T182MEF
SWM Waste Recycling DAF 85CF
SimsMetal FJ55WMK
Sims Metal FJ55WMK a smaller DAF LF truck.
being a Friday I didn't expect to get any Plymouth City Council refuse trucks and I was right not to expect any as I didn't get any. I did however catch up with a couple from South Hams DC with VU58KGY which carries fleet number 190 and is a Dennis Eagle Elite 2 N2229VRC which carries their own version of the Recycle For... livery. A similar scheme is being rolled out onto Plymouth's new Mercedes trucks and of course features on some Citybus Darts.
South Hams DC 190 VU58KGY

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