03 February 2009

Snow show for Plymouth

"My message to the heavens is: 'You've put on a fantastic display of snow power but that is probably quite enough”

The quote come from Boris Johnson, explaining the lack of buses on the streets of London. It wasn't the wrong sort of snow that was to blame - "There's no doubt about it, this is the right kind of snow, it's just the wrong kind of quantities”.
Well as far as my son was concerned this was the wrong type of snow. A light snow fall that just made a few places look a bit white. There was a more significant fall about 15 minutes after I took this photo and it did lay on the ground quite nicely but it wasn't to last that long. I am sure the bus company bosses were keeping a very close eye on things, but certainly in Plymouth it was business as usual for most of the day. I guess the Tavistock buses must have been caught up in delays for a while though.
My own bus driver had missed one journey this morning - but that was because somebody had stuck a brick through the back window last night!
It seems the worse may yet be to come though, as tomorrow morning it could well be very icy in places. I am not looking forward to walking up this hill in the morning, and I don't envy the first bus driver faced with driving down it either.

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