02 February 2009

Its coming home

"looking forward to having her back on the City Streets”

Plymouth Atlantean 137 Photo by Alan Shepherd from DH73's Flickr Stream

This 1960 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 was new to Plymouth City Transport as it's 137 (TCO 537). It has Metro-Cammell bodywork. After use as a PSV ended (I think) in 1976, 137 entered the ancillary fleet, seeing use in a number of different roles. It entered preservation in 1989, and has been carefully restored to original condition by it's owner in the North East. It is one of the oldest Atlanteans in preservation. This bus was the actual prototype for the EFE Metro-Cammell Atlantean. Picture kindly supplied by Alan Shepherd - Flickr Blogged from DH73s Photostream

I have posted this superb shot of 137 as I have already noted this bus is returning to Plymouth soon. New owner Ralph Delbridge emailed me: I saw the comment on 137 returning. Cath and I have bought her and are looking forward to having her back on the City Streets. I will update you nearer the time and plan to host several enthusiast runs recreating the 12 / 13 (her route from new) and other other routes. 

They are currently working on their new web site and will let us know when its ready. Once it is up and running there will be the opportunity to join the group for a small fee which helps the development of the group as just one way to help keep these fine buses on the road for all to enjoy. As a certain supermarket would say “every little helps!”

It is amazing to think that this bus is approaching its fiftieth birthday!

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