03 January 2009

The tgpresence

The past year has been very enjoyable but always there was the conflict between what was wanted and what was possible. There never was enough time. So in 2009 you will see changes that will release time seeing I cannot create any more!

Terry Partridge.

Being a bus enthusiast in Plymouth is made so much more interesting and entertaining when you have people like Terry Partridge around. His knowledge and his photo archive is amazing and his enthusiasm for his own fleet of buses, and helping others preserve theirs by sharing his knowledge he is well respected by enthusiasts and operators alike.

If you want to keep up with Terry then he has a great set of blogs on the go for 2009:
tgprojects - His jottings!

tgpreserved - Keep up with his fleet
tgphotos - photos  lots of them - on just about anything - but always interesting!
tgphotos - five a day - even more photos!

TGP Flickr account - nearly 14000 photos and counting!


The fact that he credits me with his introduction to blogging is a source of great pride!!

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