10 November 2008

December will be magic

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Message from The Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group:
In December 2008 on three consecutive Sunday’s (7th , 14th,21st) we are utilising our Atlantean’s to provide a free shuttle link between the Plym Valley Railway and the City Centre and City Railway Station. This links in the the Mince Pie Specials.
Full proposed timetable click Timetables button at www.plymrail.co.uk.

If you want a ride in an Atlantean now's your chance!


  1. I wish we could see these Atlantean's out and about more often, after all, the Atlantean is to Plymouth to what the Routemaster means to London..

    On a different note, I spotted a de-ugo'd ex First D&C Dart SN05 DZY passing South Mimms services on the M25 today, heading for it's new home in Essex.

  2. I can well understand Nick's comments but I'm afraid in my case the generation gap is to the fore. To me the Leyland PD2 was Plymouth. Lovely though the open top version is in your photograph, if only the city had some of those with the enclosed top still in preservation at Milehouse. I'd love to see them operating once more on their home territory. Such childhood memories of the 30/31, 34/35 and 36/37. Those really were the days in my eyes and strange though it may seem to the newer generation I actually viewed the arrival of the Atlanteans with sadness as the character of the Plymouth I knew as a child changed with the loss of those lovely gleaming half cab Leylands. Even when I visit the city these days my brain automatically visualises Mutley Plain with the PD2s going about their work, the conductor happily holding on at the rear platform. Memories I know and time moves on - but happy ones!!

    Keep up the good work Graham. Your blog is as interesting and informative as ever thank you,

    Dave Boulter MBE

  3. Nick thanks for your support and kind words. It is our intention to use the Atlanteans more this coming year, we had just been blighted with some mechanical issues not to mention the rising cost of fuel!!
    We will keep you updated with progress via Grahams site and in time our own Group website.
    You are very right though the lines of Atlanteans parked up like an army at Milehouse will always remain in my mind.
    We are pleased that we can bring the sight and sound of an Atlantean ack to the streets of Plymouth once more, best wishes Ralph

    R Delbridge (Chairman)
    Plymouth City Transport Presrvation Group


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