04 September 2008

South Western Ambulance

After the Fire Brigade come the Ambulance service so here are just a couple of photos of the most recent front line ambulances in service with South Western Ambulance Service.

South Western Ambulance 619 WX56AKJ
South Western Ambulance WX06FXV

It has generally been the case that the Passenger Transport fleet has been provided by Renault and the front line fleet by Mercedes so the Renault front line vehicle above was a suprise. All newer front line ambulances I have seen are Mercedes based.


  1. Hi, I work for SWAST - generally in urban areas all the new vehicles are Mercs, out in the country generally the new vehicles provided are Renault masters (like the older white ones but in EU standard yellow) as the Mercs are a lot wider and very difficult to get down small country lanes. Most of the yellow Renaults like this one are based in Cornwall(this one is St Austell based if I remember right). It doesn't always work though as Kingsbridge have a big yellow Merc and struggle like anything getting places sometimes!

  2. Thanks for that - didnt realise the reason behind both types.


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