18 September 2008

Another Pink Solo

I really should learn by now not to bother trying to predict what and when I am going to post here as things never go to plan!
Instead of the planned post tonight we have a rather poor shot of Target Travels latest Optare Solo Y36HBT
According to Bus Lists on the web: Y36HBT Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000000585, B29F, New 3/2001, NE Somerset CT,Keynsham.

A quick search online throws up a few photos of the bus in previous lives:

Eurotaxis September 2007 (Mark Amis)


  1. Interestingly in was First SA 53036 when new for the 672 Chew Valley Explorer routes.

  2. Thanks for this link. I thought the bus was in this livery at one time but could only find a sister of the same batch. I find Fotopic search is not brilliant and often seems to miss things.


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