09 July 2008

A very special Dart

Western National L401VCV
Its a very nice coincidence that this is the 1000th posting to Plymothian Transit as today I was invited for a ride in Terry Partridge's Dennis Dart L401VCV which was Western National's first Dennis Dart. As you can see externally it has been finished to a very high standard to brand new condition. Internally it has a way to go but is still a decent bus and no worse than many buses still in everyday service. A real credit to Terry and his helpers.

Western National L401VCV

Final preparations before setting off

Western National L401VCV

Terry looks on as we stop at Kingsbridge. The blind was set this way to avoid confusing passengers for the real 93 which was following us.

Western National L401VCVWestern National L401VCV

There would have been a lot more photos taken but the weather was really bad today and this evening. Raining almost all the time, low visibility misty drizzle, high winds in places, not ideal for a run along the coast. I will post a few more photos tomorrow.

Getting ready to drive us home!

Zak prepares to drive us home!
Thanks to Terry and everyone else on the trip for a great evening. Thanks also to everyone who reads and encourages me with this blog. Post 1001 tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations on 1000th post.

    Always enjoy reading your postings.

    Best wishes

  2. Great first 1000 posts!
    Lets see if we can make the next 1000 even better!

  3. Great Post Havent they put a lot of work into the bus

    Great 1000 post


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