10 July 2008

Its often the little things that make all the difference

Taxifast Northern Connect SF08BUP

When the Taxibus service started these smart looking cabs carried no destination display at all, as can be seen in the photo above. They were soon given A4 laminated cards with the Taxifast route number 224 (cant remember what the other route number was!) so you could tell what route they were on. However, the fact that even I cant recall the route number used on the other service shows that this isn't that much use. Most passengers just know it as the Taxibus. This is not an issue for me where I catch them as its clear where they are going but if you catch one from Derriford Hospital, or The George its a different story. Derriford in particular is awkward as its such a busy stop people dont like to try and flag them down only to find out its going the other way! Well, after all this time the drivers have finally been given nice simple A4 laminate display which actually say where they are going. The service is slowly picking up and the drivers report they are getting busier now - I often have to share my cab to work in the mornings now. The display cards were probably very cheap, and easy to produce. They make it a lot easier to identify your taxibus. Shame it took so long to get them!

This is not the posting I had planned to make tonight but I have been having one or two 'issues' with my PC over the past few days which i have been trying to iron out this evening, and as is often the case, has taken longer than I expected! For some reason my Virus checker (AVG) was causing issues and the PC kept asking to be restarted! A different product now installed and it seems things are settling down so hopefully I can get back to proper blogging again!

I have made one requested change to the blog settings too - I had set the front page to only display one blog post to cut down loading times, especially as I often use a lot of photos. This meant that on days when I made more than one post people were missing them. I have now found out how to change it so that now you will always see one full day of posts on the front page. If I make more than one post you will see them all on the front page. I might make this a couple of days if people prefer though.

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