08 July 2008

Target Travel P150LMA

P150LMA is a rare Marshall Minibus, Marshalls attempt at providing competition for the Dennis Dart. The fact that so few were built provides you with all the info you need to know as to whether they were successful or not! This one is actually chassis number MM006 (MM001-3 have never been built or at least traced) so its a very early example. It has reached Target from Chester City Transport via First who recently took over the municipal bus company there. It has been repainted very smartly into First livery as it often runs routes subcontracted by FDC to Target.
Today though it has been on the 52A and tonight I decided to forego my usual comfortable Pink Solo and have a go on the Marshall - I can see why they were not popular!
Very rattly, and bumpy, a lot worse than a Dart. This particular example also smelt bad. A very distinct, almost 'burning' smell filled the back of the bus. Not very pleasant at all. I have always found Target buses to be in good condition and clean and comfortable. This was very much the exception. When I saw my usual Solo heading off towards Crownhill driven by the nice lady driver I was very tempted to get of the Marshall and wait for her to come back!
Tomorrow though I am on the Taxibuses as Im leaving work early. Then in the evening I am riding on a very special Dennis Dart (never thought I'd ever say that about a Dart!) - more on that later!

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