01 May 2008

Plymothian Bridges 039: Devonport Tunnel

As promised bridge number 39 is indeed right next to bridge 38.

Devonport Tunnel

This is the entrance into Devonport Tunnel which took the railway underneath Devonport Park and Stoke. It actually passes a few feet underneath the other tunnel which takes the existing line under Albert Road. The tunnel is now closed off, although it seems the gate was down when i took this photo a few months ago.

It used to really annoy me that this tunnel was closed. I used to live in Ford, right next to the large viaduct which crossed the Levans Valley. Had the bridge and tunnel been open I could have cycled to college here, all on the level. Instead I had to cycle up and down the steepest roads in Plymouth!

I am still reading up on the railways of Plymouth as there are many gaps in my knowledge but hopefully I will be able to put a lot more detail to some of these posts in future!

Plymothian Bridges Map


  1. I take it you went to Kings Road instead of Goschen for College then? And I know what you mean, luckily it's all downhill for me when I have to go to St Leven Road to catch the 53 to work.

  2. It was Kings Road - The Gochen Centre didnt exist then - at least not as a College site anyway - still MOD base at that time.


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