22 May 2008

Odds and ends

Major back problems cutting back on my computer time tonight so just posting a few odds and ends:

Target Travel

I was surprised to see a different Target Travel bus arrived at my stop tonight (sadly not the route I wanted). It was a gold coloured minibus of some sort, Iveco I think, registered Y266JBM, although I cant find any information on this bus. It has come from Tilleys, in Cornwall. Apparently one of the Solos is off the road at the moment which is why this bus was being used. Not sure if a permanent addition to the fleet though as driver couldnt really stop and chat! Typical - the one day this week I didnt have my camera with me! More details on this bus when I get them.

Northern Connect

On the subject of Northern Connect I have noticed an uptake in their passengers over the last week or so. It does seem that more people are beginning to use the Taxi-buses than I have noticed before. This week I have actually had to share four journeys with other people! There were three of us from my own bus stop this morning as the 50 and the 52 were both running late so the taxi was the only way the others were going to get to Derriford before 09:00. At the moment its quite a difference in fares with Citybus being only 65p to Derriford against the flat £1 for the taxi-bus. This will change when Citybus fares go up in June to 80p. Only 20p difference so slightly less incentive to wait for the Citybus. Target have put their fares up last week, but the £1 maximum still applies to the Northern Connect.

Bus Pull

Plymouth Citybus are sponsoring the Bus Pull event on Plymouth Hoe on Saturday (10:30 till 2:30) when Dave The Shed is attempting to pull 2 double-deckers on his own. On the same day, teams of between six and ten people will be pulling a bus against the clock over a distance of 100 metres in a bid to win the coveted Bus Pull Trophy. I hope to be there myself all being well (assuming I can walk again by then!) so hope to get a few pictures.

Discovery Tours

While we are on the Hoe, Plymouth Discovery Tours are looking out for another bus driver. If you can help or know someone who might be interested in driving for them please contact them direct: ride@plymouthdiscoverytours.co.uk

There is more - but my back really has had enough now!

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