23 April 2008

Never mind the Tardis - Plymothians and visitors are being invited to time travel back to Plymouth in 1943 in a special bus.


Never mind the Tardis - Plymothians and visitors are being invited to time travel back to Plymouth in 1943 in a special bus. The first Discovery Tours trip leaves on Friday, and for an hour, passengers will be transported around the city as it used to be. The single-decker bus, painted in old-fashioned livery, will be staffed by two guides, one virtual - called Charlie - and one flesh-and-blood. 'Charlie' said: "I have been designed by the wonders of technology to help recreate some of Plymouth's historical architecture, sadly no longer with us today either because of the Blitz of the ravages of time.


Nice to see a report at last in the Evening herald for the new Discovery Tours!

The other report on This Is Plymouth which has caught my eye tonight is that Plymouth has been chosen as one of eight cities to host a new hi-tech giant screen from the summer until 2018.

"It gives us the potential to use the screen during the Plymouth Summer Festival and build upon the previous success of the Wimbledon screen, and popular screenings of films and the live concert and ballet from the Royal Opera House."

The screen will be half as large again as the 20sq m screen previously used during Wimbledon, and will be the largest of the eight screens being installed in towns and cities.  Link

The tenuous link to Plymothian Transit issues is that the previous screen featured yours truly discussing this blog on at least one occasion. I am  just glad I wasn't there to see it myself! Always good to see something interesting like this in Plymouth City Centre.


  1. But Plymouth does have historic architecture! The buildings of the 1950s and 1960s in the City Centre are amongst the best of their contemporaries and English Heritage has even offered to make the city centre a conservation area (to which there was a refusal).

  2. I would certainly agree that there is some great examples of 1950's and 1960's architecture in the City Centre and around - but there was some wonderful old buildings destroyed during (and after) the war which is what is being brought back to life by this tour. Well that is certainly the claim anyway!
    Hope to have a go myself this coming month


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